Courel Four Seasons

In those first years when a growing interest and an avid curiosity to discover and photograph the soul of my land, its landscapes and its people awakened in me, the Serra do Courel was one of my first objectives and, since that first time It was a brief and timid approach, my visits were continuous every year without exception and in some of these years the visits were repeated in the course of the different seasons.

Because there is something magical in this place that captivates you immediately. It may partly have something to do with its particular rugged orography that gives it a monumental presence, its rich and varied flora, the spectacle of its chromatic displays in the spring or autumn, the integration of its peoples in the landscape, its people , its lights, its sounds, its silences ...

Going back to O Courel is to embrace a friend, who again surprises you and discovers you new things, that makes you think how big and immeasurable nature is and what gives you for your return beautiful images to share.

Image and Comunication. Photo Art