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Perhaps because we usually grant photography a certain condition of truth or immediacy, it exerts a particular degree of seduction on us. And often we expect from her a familiar gesture, sometimes in the form of memory or always present desire, a scene or reason to recognize ourselves; others, of open window to a dreamed landscape, of enjoyment or rest for the look. When we think of a photograph as a special gift, as a precious object to frame and that has to occupy an important place in the environment of a job or at home, we should consider four issues that, like the four angles of a picture , they enclose all work of art.

Why acquire a work of photographic art?

Author photography is a work conceived by its creator as something unique, that with a mixture of passion, effort and talent seeks to capture something beautiful and stimulating. The artist works so that his work is created, printed and carefully assembled with the firm intention of being exposed, acquiring its maximum sense when it is hung for a personal, particular or great public enjoyment.

Why a photograph?

Currently, photography occupies a preponderant place in the world of art and communication and in it we usually recognize an important number of qualities and values. Photography has a cultural context, (tells a story) and a spatial and temporal context, (defines a now and a here). Photography is a unique means of expression for its ability to contain to a greater or lesser extent documentary and artistic aspects and to enclose a wide and varied possibility of readings. And, although delimited by the frame, and even in spite of its static condition, a good photograph can be very eloquent: in addition to telling us about the place, moment and motive, it reveals aspects as important as vision, intention, style and sensitivity. of its author.

Why an artistic photograph?

The more a photograph shows an intention and personal vision of its author, the closer it comes to an expressive and visually stimulating image and provokes a deep reaction in the viewer, then the closer it will be to a true artistic work. Perhaps for this reason we perceive it as something beautiful and authentic and we recognize its transcendent and timeless vocation.

Why Fine Art Print?

Fine Art Print is an internationally accepted and widely used term to define a technique used in the production of photographic reproductions and artistic graphic reproductions destined for conservation, museums and exhibitions. Through a printing process of the highest quality, also called Giclée printing, a product with the highest quality and useful life is created. From a technical perspective it has much to do with the work of the printer or final art, which in close collaboration with the author, reviews and prepares the archive so that the work becomes a reality as conceived by its creator. The figure of the artfinalist is essential to offer a quality work that faithfully reproduces the original and does justice to the artist's own work. Likewise, the materials used in the printing process, such as acid-free papers or pigmented inks resistant to light, must ensure that the copy remains unchanged for a long time. Criteria that make the copy a true work of art.

Colecciones Fine Art

Toda la obra de autor de Manuel Lemos se reúne en colecciones con fines de exposición y venta


To obtain sales information, press the BUY BUTTOM at the bottom of each photo (see picture below). To the right of each work, the types of printing sizes and available prices can be displayed. The measures offered conform to the most common 2: 3 format. For other cases, more square or panoramic formats, the measurements will be adjusted to the proportions of the original, respecting the longest horizontal or vertical measurement. For example: a panoramic photo of 1: 2 ratio selected in the size From this section you can place your order conveniently and completely securely through PayPal. If you want to use another form of payment you must request it through the contact page of the website. The prices of each work include applicable taxes and shipping costs within the national territory (Spain). For other cases, please go to the contact section of the website.


The work of Manuel Lemos is sold in limited series of 25 copies. The author certifies the intellectual property of all the exposed photographs, their printing characteristics and formats, as well as their limited edition. Only the author may exhibit, publish or reproduce any of the works exhibited and offered.

The entire process of printing, packaging and shipping is supervised by the author himself and a printer of recognized prestige. All copies and enlargements are printed on Hahnemüle Photo Rag 360 gr and with pigmented inks, characteristics that meet the criterion of Fine Art photographic work for museums and exhibitions. The objective is to guarantee maximum quality and conservation in each work.


Once the order is placed and the work is printed, the author reviews and certifies it. It is then packed for proper protection and sent to the recipient within a maximum period of 14 days.

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