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Author's work gathered in a careful selection of fine art collections for exhibition, decoration and sale purposes. see collections fine art→

Why an author's photograph? Why Fine Art Print? Author photography is a work conceived by its creator as something unique... keep reading→

Promotional video clip of the latest release of the legendary band Immaculate Fools. watch video→

Professional portrait. Corporate portrait. see galleries→

 Scene & Intermissions. Photodance. Videodance.... ver más→

© Qué VERde Galicia, a new collection of places and special moments of the landscape and nature of Galicia. see collection→

To communicate is to imagine, to interact, to reveal, to transmit ... It is that language where images and words go hand in hand, pushing and shaping our projects and illusions. Communicate is contagious. ver más→

Remembering is more than evoking or remembering. The origin of this word (from the latin re: again and cor, cordis: heart), suggests that remembering is bringing to the heart an emotion or feeling already lived. Remembering is feeling again. ver más→
MANUEL LEMOS PHOTOGRAPHY - Photography. Design. Audiovisual.
Image and Comunication. Photo Art