About me

"Photographs appear before my eyes as a new reality, an evocative or transgressive reality of time, sometimes a simple dream, photograph to document, communicate, remember or transcend, enjoy with it the pleasure of idealizing, or of capturing beauty. Photography is for me the reality trapped in the mirror in which I see and see myself, that is why I capture instants to certify my presence and even my own existence, it is in that mirror where I look for the answers and, sometimes, it returns me the look and moves me. "

Manuel Lemos began his activity as an amateur photographer from a young age, evolving in the field of author photography and, especially, in landscape photography and nature, where he received the first recognitions, publications and exhibitions.

In 2005 he decided to make the definitive leap as a professional photographer, doing publicity and communication work, as well as organizing courses and conferences.

Currently, he carries out various image and communication works: photography, design, graphic production, audiovisual and promotional video clips for companies, agencies and institutions.

In the field of photography, the following works stand out: Image, design and graphic production: AGADIC (Coreográfico Center of Galicia), DEPUTACIÓN DA CORUÑA (Professional Dance Conservatory) and VEXPER (Bergondo City Council). Advertising Photography: IMAXE (Star of Galicia), EUROPUBLIC (Gadis), SUPERA (Sports Centers) BAP CONDE (Bodegas Moure), BASE DESIGN (Ipasa-San Brandán) COMMETA COMMUNICATION (Grupo El Huerto), OITENTA (Carrycool). Professional portrait: EVORA CAST (Elenco). Editorial and exhibition: FUNDACIÓN ABANCA (Ecos). Courses and workshops: C.I, E. MANS (I Days of Photography).

In the audiovisual field, his work in the direction and production of video clips stands out: ASTREA (Berrogúeto), HOLD ON (Immaculate Fools), HAVIN'AN AFFAIR (ECDH) RENAISSANCE (Nani García Trío), MASTERCLASS (Galician Coreográfico Center) DUELE ( ECDH) and SEE TO COUNT (Mª Inés Cuadrado), and in the script and direction of the documentary KEVIN vs RAY.

MANUEL LEMOS PHOTOGRAPHY - Photography. Design. Audiovisual.
Image and Comunication. Photo Art