From that fresh and wonderful "Navicularia" back in 1996, Berrogüetto began a unique journey in the Galician music scene. Eighteen years sailing without loosing roots. Now they have returned to earth to end their career as a group, tired but proud of a trip full of discoveries. But like any sailor who longs for the land when the journey is long and the sea shortly after stepping on land, the germ of a new adventure beats in their minds and hearts.

Back in the summer of 2011, I had the great pleasure of sharing a concert evening-night. Now, moved by the perspective of time and the goodbye of the group, I review the work done and decide to mount this small tribute. I see how the images flow rhythmically and how they seem enhanced by the luminosity of the chords of their theme "Astrea". So I let myself go, invoking from the human, like the goddess Astrea, the precious immortality, that of her music.

Astrea is one of his latest creations, included in the album Kosmogonías (2010). In the opinion of Fernando Neira, author of the biography "Berrogüetto, O pulse da Terra" is one of the best topics of the group. Brief, simple in appearance, but very bright and vibrant, it's that kind of music that you also feel on your skin.

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