Tribute to dance and beauty in all its endless forms. The video is inspired by a song composed by Luis Eduardo Aute. Integral artist, he has been a tireless pursuer of beauty, cultivating different disciplines such as music, poetry, cinema, painting or sculpture. La Belleza, in addition to being for many of her friends and colleagues her best song, is a small work of art that truly does justice to its title, vindictive and passionate in its lyrics, delicate in its rhythm and melody. The images that accompany it are fragments of Full House, a really beautiful work by the choreographer Johan Inger, which I had the honor and privilege to witness in its preparation and premiere. For this video clip, I used choreographic fragments captured during one of the pre-premiere rehearsals. In short, it is nothing more than a reinterpretation in a new context with no other intention than to continue pursuing beauty.

Image and Comunication. Photo Art